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Welcome to the amazing adventure of Hezekiah! In "Hezekiah's Heartfelt Journey: Embracing Change with Courage," join Hezekiah as he learns to navigate big changes and tame his big emotions with emotion skills, bravery and heart.


Hezekiah is just like you - he faces challenges, feels scared sometimes, and has to deal with lots of changes. But through his journey, he discovers that with a little courage and a lot of heart, he can handle anything that comes his way!


This heartwarming story is perfect for kids who are learning to cope with changes, whether it's a new school, a move, or just the everyday ups and downs of growing up. Hezekiah's story will show you that it's okay to feel big emotions and that you have the power to embrace change and come out stronger.


Colorful illustrations and easy-to-read, "Hezekiah's Heartfelt Journey" is a delightful read for kids. It's a book that parents and children can enjoy together, sparking conversations about feelings, courage, and the exciting adventure of growing up.


Join Hezekiah on his heartfelt journey and discover how embracing change with courage can make you a true hero. Get your copy today and start the adventure!

Hezekiah's Heartfelt Journey: Embracing Change with Courage

SKU: 9798990786202
  • 64 pages, Color, Perfect Bound Paperback

    Categories: Elemetary Education, Social Emotional Learning, Emotions, Skill Building

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