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Introducing "Hezekiah's Emotions Expedition," an essential companion for elementary-aged kids, families, and school counselors. This comprehensive workbook, spanning over 100 pages, is designed to support children's emotional and social development through engaging activities and structured lesson plans.


Aligned with ASCA standards and mindsets, the workbook provides a series of School Counseling Lesson Plans that are easy to follow and implement. Each lesson is thoughtfully crafted to help children understand and manage their feelings and emotions, promoting a positive mindset and healthy social interactions.


Filled with fun games, interactive activities, and creative exercises, "Hezekiah's Emotions Expedition" makes learning about emotions an enjoyable experience. Kids will love the colorful pages and the variety of activities that cater to different learning styles.


Whether used in the classroom, during counseling sessions, or at home with family, this workbook offers valuable tools and resources to help children navigate their feelings and build emotional resilience. Parents and counselors will appreciate the structured approach, clear guidance, and the focus on fostering strong emotional intelligence in young learners.


Join Hezekiah on this educational journey and empower children to embrace their emotions with confidence and joy. Order your copy of "Hezekiah's Emotions Expedition" today and make emotional learning a fun and enriching experience for every child!

Workbook: Hezekiah's Emotions Expedition

SKU: 9798990786226
  • 152 pages, Color, Perfect Bound Paperback

    Categories: Workbook, Elemetary Education, Social Emotional Learning, Emotions, Skill Building

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