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Navegando por el cuidado personal en nuestro mundo en constante cambio: una perspectiva Zen'n'ish®


Descubra el arte del cuidado personal a través de una lente única con nuestro último artículo. Sumérgete en prácticas transformadoras que combinan sinérgicamente sabiduría ecléctica y capacitación, ofreciendo una nueva perspectiva sobre cómo nutrirte por completo en el mundo en constante cambio de hoy. Descubra tres técnicas de cuidado personal poco convencionales que van más allá de lo normal, diseñadas para enriquecer su mente, cuerpo y espíritu. Caminemos juntos hacia el bienestar integral. #CuidadoAutomático #SaludHolística #PsicologíaPositiva #BienestarMental #Mindfulness #Gratitud #bondad


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5 de marzo de 2024

In today's society, where change seems to be the only constant, the importance of self-care has never been more pronounced. At Zen'n'ish®, we believe in nurturing the whole self - mind, body, and spirit - to foster resilience and well-being amidst the ebbs and flows of life. Drawing upon the wisdom of The Law of One and the principles of positive psychology, we advocate for a holistic approach to self-care that honors our interconnectedness and the inherent goodness within each of us.

The Zen'n'ish® Approach to Self-Care

Self-care, in Dr. KiKi's and the Zen'n'ish® philosophy, transcends the typical recommendations of spa days and digital detoxes. Instead, it's about cultivating practices that align with our deepest values, fostering a sense of unity with ourselves and the world around us. Here are three unconventional self-care techniques that can help you center and realign:

1. Intentional Silence

In a world filled with noise, finding moments of silence can be a radical act of self-care. Intentional silence is not merely the absence of sound but a deliberate quieting of the mind. This can involve spending a few minutes each day in a silent meditation, allowing the mind to clear and connecting with the peace that lies within. This practice helps us tap into our inner wisdom and fosters a sense of oneness with the universe.

2. Gratitude Mapping

While practicing gratitude is not new, gratitude mapping offers a creative and visual way to acknowledge our blessings. This involves drawing a map of your life and marking out points of gratitude along the journey. Whether it's people, experiences, or lessons learned, gratitude mapping helps us see the interconnectedness of our joys and challenges, encouraging a positive outlook that resonates with the core teachings of positive psychology.

3. Conscious Acts of Kindness

Serving others is, truly, ultimately serving ourselves, given our inherent interconnectedness. A conscious act of kindness can be as simple as sending a thoughtful message to someone in need or volunteering for causes that resonate with our hearts. These acts of kindness ripple through the collective consciousness, uplifting others and ourselves in the process.


In embracing these self-care practices, we align with the Zen'n'ish® way, fostering a holistic well-being that nurtures not only our personal health but also our collective harmony. As we navigate the complexities of our current societal climate, let us remember that self-care is a profound journey of returning to our essence, honoring our interconnectedness, and cultivating a world of compassion and well-being. LaKisha Hudson, Ph.D., LCPC, CRC, RCFI


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